Paper grains and patterns

Label paper textures, also referred to as grains or patterns, can greatly enhance a label design.

From linens, parchments, and cross-hatch patterns, to horizontal lines, random indentations, and felts - the texture of a label can help evoke all the senses. These paper treatments highlight a brand's design personality and help differentiate it from other labels and packaging.

Not all textures require a separate embellishment tool purchase. Some are embedded into the paper at the mill and arrive textured and ready-to-use. Textures other than these have to be created. In response to client requests over many years, we have focused on delivering a broad range of custom, proprietary paper textures.

Browse our collection of custom textures to help you get inspired!

Key Features

  • Unique look to make your brand stand out
  • High-end look
  • Countless options and grain styles

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