Killer White

Killer White™

Waterproof material to cope with the most extreme moisture and temperature conditions
Killer White

If your bottle is headed for the refrigerator or ice bucket, ensure the label remains as stunning as the day it was applied.

Maintaining label integrity in any conditions to which bottles may be exposed is extremely important.

How does it work?

MCC is proud to offer Killer White™, a proprietary stock developed exclusively to conquer issues paper labels face when exposed to high moisture levels and wet environments. Killer White™ is a white paper featuring an uncoated, rich vellum, smooth finish and a wet strength additive, which increases resistance to tearing and shriveling in moist environments. It offers an improved level of dry opacity over identical facestock material. Unlike similar facestocks, which display a graying effect when exposed to water, Killer White™offers an improvement in wet opacity for clear brand differentiation.

It is particularly well-suited for white and rosé wines, champagne, and beer applications, due to its intended exposure to ice bucket conditions. MCC has conducted thorough 24-hour ice bucket testing to ensure label integrity has been met.

Watch below for a short time-lapse video to see how Killer White™ compares to a standard label over time.


Key Features

  • Waterproof and temperature resistant
  • Ensures label integrity in cold conditions
  • Proprietary weld material ensures no label graying


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