security graphics

Security Graphics

Secure your brand with a customized solution.
security graphics

There are several options to secure your brand. We look for a customized solution that fits your needs, requirements, expectations, and budget.

You can use various graphic applications on your packaging, labels and seals:

  • Holo-OVI graphic allows an invisible pattern or text to be hidden that is only revealed when viewed from a specific angle and provides easy authentication.
  • Moiré images are created by sampling tiny elements with an array of lenticular lenses, allowing dynamically evolving shapes when the product is tilted.
  • UV imaging creates graphics only visible under UV light. This very special color reproduction workflow ensures the accurate color rendering of images, optimized for powerful fluorescent effects.
  • Flashy shape technology allows invisible patterns or text to be hidden, which are only revealed and flash by means of a dedicated filter.
  • nanostructure consists of invisible nanometer-size elements that make up a specific pattern used for authentication or tamper prevention, which is only visible using a specific measuring device.
  • Dynamic color/text effect enables you to create security images printed on metallic substrates that can be clearly authenticated by observing intense color or text changes upon in-plane rotation at 90°.
  • DF watermarking effect: enables security watermarks to be hidden within the visual graphic design. The watermarks are revealed using traditional UV-A illumination (black light) and blue illumination such as blue LED.

Key Features

  • Secure your brand
  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • Customized solution 

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