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April 24th, 2022

Team Bingen; an energy producing and heat recycling community

MCC Bingen
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Energy Efficiency

It`s not only our employees who are warm-hearted and energetic. Our machines generate a lot of heat too, UV lighting in the printing machines being one good example of such.  Here, a systam has been installed that collects this heat and uses itfor inside temperature regulation, not only for warmth, but also for the buildings` air conditioning.

The DGNB certificate: proof of greater sustainability in construction

DGNB – the abbreviation (in German) for the German Sustainable Building Council. In order to make sustainable construction applicable in a practical manner, measurable and thus comparable, the DGNB has developed its own certification system.

We are currently audited by DGNB to receive a gold certificate for our sustainable building. We are already nominated for gold; but as this audit is still running, we can off course not yet officially announce this golden status. Keep an eye on the news section on our website for latest updates.

Some other initiatives

  • We have foreseen docking- & loading stations for e-mobility on the parking lot;
  • All lights in the building are LED which saves a lot in electric power;
  • We are currently validating/testing and soon offering more sustainable label-materials as an alternative to the former, conventional standard-substrates.

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