Glowing Label brings Rock and Roll to your Table

The KISS Monstrum is a high-end “sipping rum”, also known as an Ultra Premium Rum. The product is a collaboration between Umida Group AB/Brands for Fans, and the legendary American Rock band, KISS. This is the fourth product that Umida Group AB/Brands for Fans produces for KISS.

Image of Glowing Label brings Rock and Roll to your Table



Umida Group AB/Brands for Fans always strive for the highest possible quality with the products they produce. This is all inclusive to the liquid, packaging and design. To maintain their high standards, they are always very careful and thorough with who they choose to work with, and that their partners deliver on a world class standard. After several very successful products produced with MCC, the brand felt highly confident that MCC always delivers what they expect, and beyond.

The main goal for Umida Group AB/Brands for Fans was to produce an innovative extra-ordinary product, with a design that stood out from the crowd. KISS is a band that has always been larger than life, and with such a high-end product like Monstrum, they wanted to communicate that same feeling visually. “We absolutely feel that our goals where achieved,” mentioned Andreas Werling, Creative Director at Umida Group.

A challenge the team faced was finding a way to successfully print the glow in the dark effects while perfecting the details and different coating variations. It was crucial for the label to have all of these dynamics, as it’s imperative and aligns with a large portion of the product’s identity. MCC used plain, baseline silver PE material and manipulated the use of different kinds of varnishes to achieve a very exciting, bold and expensive look that would attract KISS fans all over the world.

The results exceeded the expectations. MCC managed to implement all of their creative ideas and bring the labels to life.

Not only did MCC exceed our expectations, but they also went two laps around the sun to help us achieve what is likely our most innovative product ever produced. Thank you MCC.

Andreas Werling, Creative Director at Umida Group

An award-winning result

The effort that went into these labels was not done in vain – the Kiss Monstrum Ultra Premium Rum won the award of Marketing/End-Uses on the Alcoholic Drinks category at the FINAT Awards 2022.