Modern Hi-Build Label for a Small Batch Collection

The founders, the Child’s family, broke ground back in 2000 establishing what was to become an iconic Margaret River winery. Times have changed and so too have the reins. The new owners, Matt Holden and Clair Chatel-Holden hold their “Third Rule” as the inspiration for these precious top-tier wines of Margaret River.

Image of Modern Hi-Build Label for a Small Batch Collection



Passion rules reason, for better or for worse.

We choose to live by this third rule and in doing so have embraced our passion. Our passion for life, our passion for love and our passion for wine.

These wines were crafted with zealous dedication balanced with delicate nuance and precision. No expense was spared, nor compromise made, in producing these very limited, small batch wines. Using the ‘divine proportions’ based on Fibonacci ‘s ‘Golden Ratio’ principles, the labels themselves conform to the ‘precision’ aspect with the gridwork accentuated in gloss hi-build (and all other info fitting in concisely to those forms) leaving the passion to be expressed by lush embossed warm gold foil.

Label Information

  • Producer – Knee Deep in Margaret River

  • Designer – Annette Harcus, Harcus Design

  • Photographer – Stephen Clarke

  • Region – Margaret River, Western Australia

  • Printing – Digital

  • Substrate – Estate 8

  • Embellishments – Foil, Hi-build, Emboss