Bottle shot Travelling While Standing Still

Pearl label stock creates movement for Travelling While Standing Still Gin

Bottle shot Travelling While Standing Still
Co-founders, Jacqui Henshaw and Keith Smith, are passionate about maintaining their environmentally sustainable business. Travelling While Standing Still is proudly a small batch distilled and handcrafted gin, local to Macedon Ranges. 

The label was printed on Jade Raster, a pearl face stock which enhances colour and creates a movement effect, perfect for bringing life to the infinite swells on the Australian coast. The emboss and foil were a combination tooling which creates a beautiful, deep impression. The precision of the silver foil is imperative for the displacement of STILL to be legible and not lost in the rippling waves.


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Travelling While Standing Still is a new Australian Dry Gin which takes you on a journey to the wild beauty of the Australian coast. The gin is infused with native Australian botanicals of seaspray, saltbush and desert lime which gives it a lifted, super dry, briny taste, transporting you to the sand, sea and sunshine of their Antipodean homeland.

The label image, photographed by artist JKHenshaw, expresses the idea of travelling in the mind through imagination just as the flavour and aroma of the gin takes you on a flavour journey. The gin has been awarded Spirit Silver at the IWSC 2022 International Wine & Spirit Competition, London UK and Best in Class Trophy, Classic Gin Category at the 2022 Australian Gin Awards, Sydney.

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