MCC présente The Label Lab™ au salon Drinktec

Image of MCC présente The Label Lab™ au salon Drinktec



From September 12 to 16, 2022, Munich, Germany will bring together beverage industry experts from all over the globe. MCC is excited to return to Munich with the introduction of The Label Lab™ where our experts will take you on a deep dive into the latest developments and innovations in beverage labelling.

5 Reasons to visit us

  1. Discover how the latest advances in Sustainability, Smart Packaging, and Premiumization impact your brand
  2. Join one of our Expert Talks and let these label educational sessions inspire you.
  3. Get immediate answers to your questions with 1:1 label expert interactions
  4. Benefit from a wealth of technical and application knowledge to help your next project run smoothly
  5. Browse label samples to inspire creativity

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