Notre étiquette Quickening, le top du top

Image of Notre étiquette Quickening, le top du top



Award winner

The “Quickening” label was originally entered into the 2019 FPLMA – Flexible Packaging & Label Manufacturers Association Awards. Judges were looking for innovation in the printing process, while maintaining a high level of excellence in the print quality. MCC Adelaide was awarded the Gold Award for the category – Digital Label, Tags Wine & Spirits. Following on from there, the label was automatically entered into the L9 WORLD LABEL AWARDS, where recently they were awarded with the THE BEST OF THE BEST AWARD  Digital Printing submitted by FPLMA (Australia).

Congratulations MCC Adelaide!

“The design of this label encompasses the quickening which is associated with new life. In this case, the blue life force spirit is seen emanating from the soil of the Barossa area in Australia with the ethereal lines highlighted using silver hot foil. The story is included in the design of the label which is printed on a slightly cream paper substrate which softens the impact of the landscape illustration.”

Tony White, Chair of the Judging Committee at the L9 World Label Association