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7 Ways to Stand Out on the Shelf

82% of consumers will buy a product if they pick it up first. Here are some customization trends to make sure customers see your product.

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If your packaging looks just like the competitor next to you, you may be missing out on sales. 8 out of 10 consumers will buy a product if it caught their eye and they held the package first. 

Check out these 7 top trends in automotive and chemical packaging, designed to draw attention:

  1. Cold Foil
  2. Shrink Sleeve
  3. Metallic Inks
  4. High Gloss
  5. High Build
  6. Resin Label
  7. Matte & Ultra Gloss IML

Thanks to the digital age, products have to be attractive on shelf and on screen. For online shoppers, the 2D image of your product on the screen is just as powerful as the physical product in a store. Your brand’s first impression depends on the label, and when you take away a shopper’s ability to physically hold your product, the image of your packaging is your best (and only) tool for a sale.

Embellished labels look like a higher quality, trustworthy product. Let our team at MCC evaluate your current solution and help you brainstorm opportunities for an upgrade. To read more about each of these embellishments, download our latest whitepaper.