A label reflecting the female dimension of innovation

Pasqua Vigneti e Cantine is an historic winery that produces high-quality Veneto and Italian wines. It is also one of the main players in the Italian and international wine market. Everything here revolves around a family passion; a wine love story that’s been going on for three generations and aims to bring the best of Italy to tables around the world.

Image of A label reflecting the female dimension of innovation



Pasqua Vini, together with Wired, the CondeNast magazine that reports on changes in technology, science, and lifestyles, has developed a project to celebrate the universe of female innovation. They express this through the stories of 33 talents who embody the contemporary vision of women. Promoting the empowerment of women and spreading the knowledge of talent is the purpose of this publication.

The magazine reproduced 12 of these profiles in a Limited Edition of one of the winery’s iconic wines, Valpolicella Mizzole Cecilia Beretta. A journey into the female dimension of innovation, told through the passionate eyes of researchers, entrepreneurs, artists, start-ups and many other professionals. All through the life stories of those who – with their work and their intuition – have done extraordinary things, in Italy or elsewhere in the world.

The team at MCC used digital printing for this project, to incorporate the 12 different subjects. Each label was able to have its own color and look, successfully capturing the image for each profile on the bottle. The result was highly appreciated by the customer.