A transformation made with love

Mezcal Amarás represents life and passion. They pride themselves on being more than a company, but rather a philosophy, built through love – love for the sun, for the earth and the people who work it and, above all, love for Mexico and its sacred plant, the agave. Celebrating their 10th anniversary in 2021 and changing its name from Mezcal Amores to Mezcal Amarás, the company decided to also refresh its label. They chose to work with MCC Guadalajara, thanks to its innovation and production capacity.

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The new design aimed to have better finished than the previous one. After several revisions, tests, and some adjustments, the desired finishes were achieved. The label boasts gold hot stamping in certain contours of the texts to add depth, accompanied by a tactile varnish to add texture. This makes the product not only an experience to taste, but also to touch. The design also called for an innovative use of double-sided printing, including the company’s motto printed on the adhesive – “De la semilla a la copa” – that can be seen through the bottle and the mezcal.

SuccessStory_W&S_Mezcal Amaras

The MCC team worked closely with the customer to successfully achieve the golden tones that they use on their different labels, Espadin, Reposado y Cupreata. Matching the colors to those of the arts authorized by the customer represented a challenge, but it was achieved through a flexo ink that simulates being metallized with pearlescent finishes.

With this new solution we achieve greater inventory coverage and better quality on the label.  It exceeded our expectations, and that is why we want to continue growing with MCC”.

Alejandra Gutiérrez, Senior Project Manager, Master Planner at MEZCAL AMARAS