Bertrand Bespoke

Wine is a living liquid, therefore we can say every bottle is different, as well as the drinker is in different disposition when consuming the wine. The randomisation of the same image for the label is subtlety reinforcing this idea.

Image of Bertrand Bespoke



The writer Imre Kertesz express this in a poetic way here : “the possibility, you understand? Only the possibility. And what is happening one and once only to one only and unique person has already passed the limits of the possibility, so it’s already reality, the principle of reality…”

Bertrand Bespoke

Label Information

  • Producer – Maison Lapalus
  • Designers – Two Poles Apart + Design by Committee + Gilles Lapalus
  • Varietal – Rose
  • Region – Heathcote, Victoria
  • Printing Press – Digital
  • Stock – Killer White
  • Embellishments – Variable Imaging, High-Build Screen