Camille de Labrie rosé

Chateau Croix de Labrie is a 5.78 hectare estate located in the heart of the AOC Saint-Emilion Grand Cru. Highly praised by critics, Château Croix de Labrie, classified as a Grand Cru, is perhaps the largest of the most prestigious small estates.

Image of Camille de Labrie rosé



The Saint-Émilions of Château Croix de Labrie are exceptional. It is with passion, talent and precision that Axelle & Pierre Courdurié, winemakers and owners, express through their wines the depth and richness of the terroirs.  

Axelle, a talented winemaker, has a great eye for detail and expresses her feminine sensibility in her wines.  Pierre, Globe Wine Trotter, has been traveling the world for over 20 years and carries the torch of Croix de Labrie to the four corners of the globe. 

The client’s wish was to add a rosé reference to the existing “Camille de Labrie” range, which consists of a red and a white wine. The series, which bears the name of the owners’ daughter, derives its visual originality from the drawing that characterizes it – a drawing made by Camille when she was 7 years old!

The original creative brief called for a glass label, but this idea was abandoned during the creation process in favor of a label solution that plays with transparency, thanks to the use of Luce WS Barrier paper and a cut-out on the inside, which subtly reveals the light pink color of the wine.

The vegetal motif in flat hot stamping illustrates the floral notes of the wine with finesse and elegance. The design is accentuated by a cut-out on the inside that incorporates the cross, a basic element of the visual identity of Château Croix de Labrie.

 Through the wines of the domain, Axelle and Pierre want to share the conviviality and philosophy of their work.

The result is superb and as usual reflects pure happiness! Partnerships are made to last!”  – Pierre Courdurié, owner Chateau Croix de Labrie