Coca-Cola Bring in the New Year with 24 Inspiring Labels

To mark the beginning of a new year, Coca-Cola in the Netherlands launched a campaign featuring labels with 24 inspiring resolutions for the year ahead. The special edition bottles encourage not only to reflect on what can be improved, to ask for help where possible and to make promises to loved ones, but above all to approach the new year with an open mind.

Image of Coca-Cola Bring in  the New Year with  24 Inspiring Labels



Good intentions

Following a difficult 2020, the idea behind the campaign was to bring positivity to the New Year with encouraging messages on each bottle. In the summer Coca-Cola launched the campaign Open like never before to tap into the momentum during first re-opening of horeca. Open to Better is the follow up and Coca-Cola wanted to engage with its consumer using messages of motivation and furthermore for them to share this among family and friends. And most importantly, look ahead. The 24 personalized messages needed to be printed onto the roll fed labels. Due to the constraints in the number of labels/cylinders conventional printing was not an option.

The digital difference

MCC Nantes offered to deliver this promotion using variable digital printing, as this was the only solution to guarantee the 24 personalized messages into one daughter reel. Since digital print is a plateless printing technology, the possibilities are endless. MCC produced more than 7 million labels, 100% digitally printed with 24 consecutive personalized messages. Delivered prior to Xmas 2020 at the Dongen plant in the Netherlands the promotion took place over the New Year period.

Coca Cola_500ML-Open-to-better

Digital printing is the optimum medium to provide customization for brands. Using this innovation, Coca-Cola are able to reflect individuality and promote brand loyalty.” 

Caroline Burgess, Global Key Account Manager at MCC France