Decades-old partnership leads to new labeling techniques

The Kruger Rumpf Winery has a long history of vineyards. MCC has been working with them since the 1970’s. The key to this success is the very close connection, combined with their open mind for new labeling techniques.

Image of Decades-old partnership leads to new labeling techniques



A golden wedding anniversary 

This family business grew up to a fixed value in the German wine culture. They are constantly experimenting. However not all of what they do is entirely new. We’re talking about the use of traditional methods, but also their ‘partner in crime’ for labels: we supply labels for their full collection for almost 50 years. Almost time to celebrate our golden wedding anniversary.  

Our secret is a very close relationship with open and honest communication, as well as full support on both sides. Before we became part of MCC, we were also a small family business, which made a good match with the Rumpf family business. Being part of MCC has not changed anything to our service and quality. We are still aiming for the best service, quality and customer care.  

The biggest milestone: self-adhesive labels  

A big milestone in this relationship was the shift from cut-and-stack to PSL, a self-adhesive label. As we started working with PSL printers in the late 90s, the Rumpf winery switched with us. As for the Wine & Spirits market, there are more possibilities in terms of embellishments and premiumization in PSL.  


The newest designs are all with premium embellishment: embossing to create texture, and hot gold foil to create a shiny, fancy touch. We are printing small quantities in digital, and large quantities off-set.  

Design service 

The winery is working with a design agency for their label designs. We are also very close with them, as we feel it’s important that everyone is aligned on the design and possibilities. Our label engineer will always take a closer look to designs and embellishments, to make sure the customer has the best solution for their bottle.