Die Cut Droplet to Make it Simple and Luxurious

El Camino Del Pensador is an artisinal Mezcal brand produced in Oaxaca, Mexico, and operated from London, UK. The purpose of the brand is to shine a light on the regionality of Mezcal by showcasing their chosen region of Miahuatlan in Southern Oaxaca. They work with different producers in the region to give customers an experience of the local terroir, and the sense of place which is so fundamental to understanding the category.

Image of Die Cut Droplet to Make it Simple and Luxurious



The brand started working with MCC Daventry, UK, due to a recommendation from a friend in London. They subsequently moved production to Mexico, closer to the source of their mezcal, so switched production to MCC Guadalajara in Mexico. This presented a small challenge for the Guadalajara plant, as they needed to source matching materials, as well as color match the background color of the label.

A challenging design

The main goal for this label was to make it simple yet luxurious, using shape and space to stand out from the crowd. To achieve this, it was decided to add straight corners and a die cut droplet, which allows you to see the liquid in the center of the label.

The die cut droplet a difficult step, as it had to be cut out and removed, something that is not easy to do on press. The technical team at MCC found a way to achieve this, by creating a whole new set of dies and certain special adhesives to be able to cut straight first, and then remove the bit from the center. With the droplet removed, the labels can be applied to the bottles using a hand operated labeling machine, without removing each droplet by hand.

The greatest support from MCC to achieve the development of this wonderful label was finding a solution to the droplet removal. They persisted and found it, despite it being a unique requirement.

Ben Schroder, CEO at Meanwhile Drinks