Digital Labels Add the Finishing Touch to Innis & Gunn’s New Look

Scottish brewer Innis & Gunn has unveiled a new look for its ‘Originals’ cask matured beer range.

Image of Digital Labels Add the  Finishing Touch to Innis & Gunn’s New Look



Cask matured

Founder and master brewer, Dougal Gunn Sharp believes strongly in evolution in the beer category and in the possibilities of beer maturation. So much so that in 2003, he founded Innis & Gunn to bring his aptly named Original beer and original ideas to the world. A beer, matured in single malt whisky casks, The Original is Innis & Gunn’s flagship. Alongside its Caribbean Rum Cask, both beers have been repackaged into clear glass bottle with an updated label design, which better showcases the premium brand and beer.

We are extremely proud of the beer we make. We believe this design update simply brings our packaging in line with the quality of beer within the bottle. The new look is standout both in its design and its quality. We are clearly showing the different liquid colors of our beers, better describing their provenance and our innovative brewing methods and we are sure this is a move that will be welcomed by our current and new drinkers.” 

Dougal Gunn Sharp, Founder and Master Brewer at Innis & Gunn

What has changed?

The updates to The Original and Caribbean Rum Cask across various packaging formats are visible ones. Part of the change was to move to clear glass from amber so people can see the brilliant colors of the beers.

Updated labels introduce further clarity of what to expect in terms of taste and describe how each quality beer is made. Details including gold foil, print embossing and watermarks have also been incorporated to solidify the beer’s position as premium and unique.

A flexible solution

Multiple SKUs and relatively small runs meant that digital was a more cost effective and speedy option for Innis & Gunn. However, the quick turnaround associated with digital print did not hinder the quality of the label. The digital team were able to add foiling, screen and embossing to the labels from 1 SKU to another.

“ Getting the gloss finish and raised text to stand out was technically challenging. We achieved it using tactile screen without the need for emboss and the use of a full matte varnish for the background.”

Wah Lo, Technical Manager at MCC Cwmbran

The result is a modern, fresh label to match the contemporary clear glass whilst still retaining the Innis & Gunn logo and signature barrels.