Don’t panic it’s organic

The graphic approach: to visually remove everything that codifies Bordeaux wines: the name and visual of the château, the vintage, the appellation… by using an identity that is deliberately Anglo-Saxon and somewhat out of place in the region of origin.

Image of Don’t panic it’s organic



Our idea is to unravel the myths about Bordeaux wine, which is neither overpriced, nor has-been, nor out-of-date, nor wines for daddy, but a wine for every moment and always good AND organic of course. Proud to be Bordeaux? yes, definitely!


Customer testimonial:

With a “crazy” visual idea, the support and the listening allowed us to obtain this result, very convincing visually speaking, taking into account the constraints of each one; even and especially in this very particular climate. Thanks to Maxime in particular and to all the people from MCC who intervened.”

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