Happy Cup Drinking Cups Support Sustainability Efforts

The Happy Cup project is all about sustainability. After all, the event drinking cups can be returned to the retailer afterwards for reuse. An innovative concept like this requires innovative production, including a Reverse IML label from MCC Verstraete In Mold Labels that offers a wide range of decorative and functional possibilities.

Image of Happy Cup Drinking Cups Support Sustainability Efforts



Cup sharing thanks to the Reverse IML label

The Happy Cup Company is fully focused in Russia on what we like to call cup sharing: cups that are used during a concert, sporting event or festival do not end up in a waste dump, but are returned to the retailer for reuse. To make this possible, the product must be of sufficient quality and durability. That is partly why The Happy Cup Company opted for a Reverse IML label, which is printed on the back of transparent film and meets all the established requirements. The drinking cup is guaranteed, for example, to be dishwasher-proof and scratch-resistant – important properties for reusable cups.

Eco-friendly and recyclable

“Environmental friendliness is key to this project,” says Svetlana Achueva, General Manager of The Happy Cup Company. “Our cups can be reused up to 200 times. Consumers often don’t return the cup to the collection point at the event, but take it home to use there – which is just as valuable. And when the products ultimately reach the end of their life cycle, they’re fully recyclable.”

Our cups can be reused up to 200 times. When the products ultimately reach the end of their life cycle, they’re fully recyclable.

Svetlana Achueva, General Manager, The Happy Cup Company

Continuous ‘wow factor’

To convince consumers to take their cup home as a souvenir, the look & feel of the cups must be interesting and appealing. In other words, there has to be a ‘wow factor’. This is also why the durable Reverse IML label was chosen. To illustrate all the advantages, the Happy Cups were introduced at the International Travel & Tourist Exhibition (MITT) in Moscow in 2017 as business cards for partner Kamchatintour, featuring fantastic images of nature. Wow factor guaranteed! “Apart from decorative added value, it is a cost-efficient product because production and decoration take place in a single step. The cup and the label are made out of one material, making it easy to recycle. Not only that, but the colors won’t fade, even after repeated washing. In other words, the effect keeps on going.”

Reverse IML for a sustainable future

“The Reverse IML label played an important role in the success of The Happy Cup for several reasons,” explains Mikhail Britcyn, Regional Sales Manager for Russia & CIS and Technical Support Engineer. “This innovative label offers a range of look & feel options, such as Soft Touch, Frosted Look and UltraGloss Look. After all, who doesn’t want their packaging to grab the consumer’s attention?” MCC Verstraete is a member of the New Plastics Economy initiative. This international sustainability project unites 60 major players to work together towards a circular economy for plastic packaging. NPEC is currently working on a system that will allow waste processing companies to automatically recognize and efficiently separate and recycle the different plastic waste flows they handle. “MCC Verstraete makes every effort to support this initiative through IML innovations. Our innovative Reverse IML is a great example of a positive influence on the environment,” says Mikhail.

Future opportunities with Verstraete IML

The next question is why The Happy Cup Company decided to work with MCC Verstraete. Svetlana Achueva is categorical in her response. “The quality of the company’s products is top notch. It also has a wide range of IML labels, which enables us to take our cup sharing concept in different directions in the future. Thirdly, our experience was that MCC Verstraete brainstorms with us and actively engages in our production processes to ensure the best possible result. We will happily promote the company and its products to our colleagues in and outside of Russia!”