Heineken® Celebrates 150 Years of Good Times: MCC Label’s Role in Crafting a Limited-Edition Anniversary Label

Image of Heineken® Celebrates 150 Years of Good Times: MCC Label’s Role in Crafting a Limited-Edition Anniversary Label



As Heineken® marks its momentous 150th anniversary, the renowned brewery is taking a unique approach to celebrate its legacy. Embracing the philosophy of having a good time, Heineken® sought to create a special anniversary label that reflected this spirit. MCC Label, a trusted long-term partner in label solutions, played a crucial role in bringing this vision to life while honoring the brand’s iconic elements.

Remco Schouten, Global Communication Campaign Manager for the Heineken® brand, expressed the brand’s philosophy of celebrating 150 years of good times: “With Heineken® turning 150, it was the perfect time to talk about our heritage and honor our history. But we decided to take a totally different approach embracing all the ways our brand is misspelled, mispronounced, or served around the world. Where consumers might assume we take it personally, we actually don’t — as long as they have a good time with us.”

Managing Global Market Diversity

With over 70 markets activating the anniversary campaign, each with its unique spelling preferences, MCC Label faced the challenge of managing the high diversity of different name mixes. Despite this complexity, MCC Label rose to the occasion, demonstrating their ability to handle the diverse market demands efficiently and effectively produce the up to 24 unique, variable images within one pass while still maintaining the high metallic silver design element that’s core to Heineken’s® brand identity.

Here are a few fun examples of the various pronunciations and nicknames that showcase the brand’s global presence and how people make it their own in their respective cultures and languages:

  • Biertje? – The Netherlands // In English, this translates to “Little beer” reflecting the casual and familiar nature of enjoying the beverage.
  • Ainechen – Italy // A playful and affectionate nickname for the brand.
  • Heinikin – Some parts of the U.S. // Based on regional accents and dialects, adding a twist to the name.

Maintaining Iconic Brand Elements

Heineken® holds a distinct place in the beer industry as most international beer brand in the world and with its iconic brand elements, including the unique red star and the deep green banner. MCC Label understood the importance of preserving these elements while creating a special label for the anniversary celebration. By incorporating high-premium silver outlines, MCC Label ensured that the label retained its classic look while adding a touch of elegance and exclusivity.

Technical Expertise with Rotogravure Printing

To meet Heineken’s® expectations for a high-gloss premium effect on a “no-label-look” substrate, MCC Label utilized rotogravure printing. This advanced printing technique allowed them to achieve the desired level of gloss and premium finish, elevating the visual appeal of the labels. MCC Label’s technical expertise and commitment to quality ensured that the labels met Heineken’s® high standards.

To get a touch more technical, the customer’s design goals called for a bright standout green with super sharp print quality that was subtle enough not to overpower the other elements. Using MCC’s high opacity white as the base and combining a translucent green overprint on the white text, the desired color was successfully achieved!

A Collaboration Worth Celebrating

MCC Label’s collaboration with Heineken® in creating a special anniversary label exemplifies their commitment to excellence and innovation. By maintaining iconic brand elements, utilizing advanced printing techniques, and managing global market diversity, MCC Label successfully delivered a label that celebrates Heineken’s® 150 years of good times. The partnership between Heineken® and MCC Label stands as a testament to their shared values and dedication to creating exceptional experiences for consumers worldwide.

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