Honest Spirits – Six Spiced Botanical Rum

This is a story of two childhood friends, a world in lockdown, and a curiosity for experimental rum. Honest, a New Zealand-made rum company based in Auckland, was born out of a passion for experimental spirits and a concern for the planet. The founders were in search of a rum that was just a little bit different – something a bit unconventional that challenged the stereotype of traditional rum. Honest was born and the rest is history.

Image of Honest Spirits – Six Spiced Botanical Rum



The brand is wholeheartedly driven by three core values: information, transparency and honesty. They created a rum that is a little intriguing, very tasty, and above all, kind to our planet.

The label was to reflect these values and capture their brand identity. Working closely with a designer, this was achieved. They looked for a material which supported their honest values, being at the same time mindful to the planet. MCC Auckland was able to provide this by using an EnviroLABEL, a sustainable solution, allowing them to be certified plastic free.

MCC New Zealand worked closely with the founders providing the necessary technical information needed to achieve a 100% plastic free certification. This included technical information about HP Indigo inks and the chosen material of 100% post-consumer waste.

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Thanks so much! Our lives were made extremely easy by the MCC team. We were blown away by the level of detail and service you provided, honestly! “  – David Lincoln, Co-Founder, Get Honest