Label helps new brand enter market with a splash

Almada Spirits is a new Mexican distillery dedicated to making artisan spirits using only Mexican ingredients. Its vision is to have a portfolio that includes different spirits, such as mezcal, vodka, rum and gin.

Image of Label helps new brand enter market with a splash



The one chosen to enter the market first is Ometeo, an artisan extra dry gin. Ometeo seeks to promote the diversity of Mexico through the ten Mexican botanicals with which it is made, its central ingredient being the sweet lime from Jalisco.

A new product must make an impact with consumers, and its image is an important ally in defining its success, particularly in the crowded spirits market, where it is essential to stand out on the shelf. This was clear to the brand, and their vision presented a creative design proposal for the packaging.

To give the product distinctiveness, the label included a bold blind emboss, showcasing the brand’s motto, “En la tierra nada nos falta“. The bright colors and uniqueness of the label create a memorable package and help project the quality of the gin inside.

W&S_Case_Ometeo Gin

Color management was also key to the successful development of this project. Being a new brand, the color standard was unknown. MCC Guadalajara supported the client with various color tests to determine the desired tones, ensuring color match with the original design was achieved.

We chose MCC for the creation of our first labels, because we liked how they worked. As it is a global company, it has all the prestige and knowledge. The label has had a very good response among the people who are dedicated to distillates, the blind embossing attracts attention, it makes it look very artistic”.

José María Almada, Owner and Partner, Almada Spirits

W&S_Case_Ometeo Gin