Labor of love results in award-winning package

Nestled in a valley roughly an hour north of Toronto lies a small property known as Foxglove Farm. The 1840’s era farm was purchased by owner and co-founder of Foxglove Spirits, Malcolm Roberts, and would become the inspiration for the pursuit of a lifelong passion. With over three decades in the spirits marketing business, Roberts had always dreamt of hand-crafting his own spirit. Serendipity struck when he met, now partner, Shelly Perry, and she shared his vision. Realizing they could use crops from their farm in the recipe, Foxglove Spirits was born.

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Their vision for the product, both in taste of the liquid and aesthetic of the package, was clear from the start. The name would be Valley of Mother of God, named after an eponymous area near their farm, and the product would be gin. They cut no corners in the three plus year process of perfecting the recipe, just as they didn’t with the premium packaging. With a unique bottle shape sourced from Spain, and label design done by renowned spirits agency Stranger & Stranger, the label also needed to be perfect. MCC was up for the job.

The label itself is technically complex – an extended label length, coupled with a faux two-piece design, bevelled edges and intricate sculpted embossing, all created a challenge. Foxglove worked closely with the team at MCC throughout the design process, ensuring each detail would be executed properly, and without any issues at application time. The unique shape of the neck label, with only its thin tab to adhere to the wooden closure, required diligence to remove waste during stripping process. The faux decal edge, with its unique diecut, also created challenges for clearing the matrix, without tearing the lower face label. All of these considerations were handled by the expert technical team at MCC, ensuring the finished label was aesthetically beautiful, and also technically sound.

MCC did such an amazing job bringing our vision to life – the sculpted emboss, debossing, foil, everything…it turned out exactly the way we imagined. Their expertise was key in nailing the quality and look of the label. Their knowledge and willingness to work with us made all the difference.

Malcolm Roberts, Co-founder, Foxglove Spirits Ltd.