Luxury Label Series Designed with the Tactile Customer in Mind

Through the running mountains of California’s Sonoma County, one will find the award-winning Cabernet Sauvignon grapes specifically harvested for Penrose Hill’s Gilded Letter. With drought, wildfires, and extreme weather conditions, the fruit have undergone enormous amounts of stress. Although this resulted in low quantities produced, it is evident that even in the most upsetting times, something special and one-of-a-kind can come out of it.

Image of Luxury Label Series Designed with the Tactile Customer in Mind



MCC had been working with the Penrose Hill team to produce their unique labels and were challenged to produce a new design. The team at MCC revised and proposed an improved face for the Gilded Letter label. The Penrose Hill team were amazed by the appearance of the 155 lb. Flocked Black Velvet stock. Due to the thin and intricate foil design, precise spacing between the gold and copper foils was essential to stray from distortion that could be caused by the soft, velvet material.

The Gilded Letter label was printed on an HP Indigo digital press and then hot foil stamped and diecut offline on an ABG Digicon press. The velvet became a huge success and later branched to their other varietals. 

We created a series of these wines – cabernet, chardonnay, pinot and zinfandel – with the use of different color velvet and foil combinations in order to create a broader, luxurious and opulent brand series.

Carolin Meier, Chief Wine Officer, Penrose Hill.

An award-winning resultThe Gilded Letter is an award-winning product. In addition to its awards for its rich flavor and spice, it was also granted Silver for Best Use of Foil/Embossing Label – Digitally Printed by Judges at the FSEA’s 29th annual Gold Leaf Awards and Excellence in Finishing and Embellishment at the 2022 Digital Labels & Packaging Awards.