Maui Moisture’s New Labels Hit Design Intent AND Save Money!

It was announced that 180 Maui Moisture US and Canada SKUs were going to undergo a regulatory update in the Spring of 2020. Sales thought it would be a good time to re-evaluate this brand and propose Expanded Color Gamut since this brand relies so much on colorful graphics.

Image of Maui Moisture’s New Labels Hit Design Intent AND Save Money!



A few test runs were trialed in the Algoma, WI plant to see if this brand would be a good fit. After presenting samples to the Creative team and showing that the images were even more eye popping it was decided to make the

Cost Savings

Multi-Color analyzed Maui Moisture’s needs and presented the Expanded Color Gamut (ECG) technology back to them. The transition to ECG labels would save Maui Moisture $32,000 on art and template charges. This is possible because ECG printing efficiencies allow them to use 2 less colors on average for every SKU, compared to 8-9 colors. From a pure cost perspective, it was an obvious switch.

Vibrant Colors

Maui Moisture’s Creative Department took one look at the labels and immediately knew it was a “no-brainer” to make the switch to ECG. They were amazed at the striking difference when comparing the old and new labels side by side.


Multi-Color designed vibrant, magnificent ECG labels that stand out on shelf and increase brand presence, all while saving the brand money on printing! This upgraded solution was a win-win for both MCC and Maui Moisture and is now implemented for all North American Maui Moisture SKUs.

We’re always looking for advancements in printing capabilities, like the ECG technology presented to us, which not only provides significant cost savings, but also preserves the quality of our label design that is most impactful to our consumers and the continued growth of our brand.

Kevin Gaunt, Head of Global Creative at Vogue International