Maximizing Material Efficiency

Foil provides 8% material savings and 10% improved washing efficiencies.

Image of Maximizing Material Efficiency



Since its launch in 1995, Chang beer has become the number one selling beer brand in Thailand. Following this success, the brand was launched worldwide. Now Chang is widely available and exported to countries around the world including the UK, USA, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Chang challenged Multi-Color to maximize the material efficiency of its label’s aluminum bottle neck foil. Since the 1990s, the foil thickness has been continually reduced from 13my down to 9.5my and our challenge was to reduce this even further.

Chang Beer

Multi-Color created a remarkably thin neck foil label for Chang Beer, which uses an 8.8my, soft tampered, aluminum foil alloy.

In addition to material savings of 8%, the new neck foil has a positive impact on wastewater used during the returned bottle cleaning process. The thinner foil completely dissolves in the caustic bath, extending the caustic wash efficiency by up to 10%, resulting in lower hydrogen emissions. Chang was delighted to be able to change to a more eco-friendly neck foil label without sacrificing its brand’s equity.