MCC Implements New Reporting System for Valvoline’s GF-6 Formulation Change

Valvoline, a leading supplier of premium DIY motor oil, had to update their label graphics to meet the industry standard GF-6 formulation change. All lubricant manufacturers must adhere to these new regulatory standards. Valvoline tasked MCC with providing the new artwork and challenged them to implement a new reporting system to improve supply chain processes and reduce inventory.

Image of MCC Implements New Reporting System for Valvoline’s GF-6 Formulation Change



Massive challenge

Around every 5 years, motor oil standards change, driving changes to all label artwork. To better manage this change, MCC and Valvoline took a proactive approach. After successfully updating the label artwork, MCC was able to showcase our expertise in project management. Valvoline wanted us to create a new reporting system that aligned with their production plan. Our superior customer service team worked closely with the Valvoline team to provide them with a weekly report that compared what we had in inventory versus what they needed to produce. Weekly calls with Valvoline were set up to ensure that both near term production needs, and cutover to the new labels, were aligned. Nothing like this had ever been done before for the formulation changes. It provided them with clear information to make their production decisions easy.

Successful implementation

The GF-6 formulation change was the most successful conversion Valvoline has ever done thanks to the knowledge sharing and expertise of our customer service team. MCC helped Valvoline improve their supply chain process. Now they no longer carry excess inventory of their labels – a huge cost saving. In addition, they met the goal of being on shelf as close as possible to the May 1 launch date. MCC helped them meet the timing of the request, minimize their scrap and delivered everything to their customers on time.

A lot of companies can talk about delivering the labels, but it’s MCC’s customer service that sets them apart. That, along with the understanding of our business and the commitment to delivering, is most appreciated by us in our partnership.”

Tom Golinski, Manager – Procurement at Valvoline