Metallic IML Makes Shiny Waves in the World of Labels

The successful Egyptian paint manufacturer and distributor GLC Paints was struggling with a counterfeiting problem. Their strong reputation ‘Where quality counts’ was being abused by counterfeiters in Egypt. A bad case for the company. Fortunately, that is now history!

Image of Metallic IML Makes Shiny Waves in the World of Labels



Metallic IML label checkmates the counterfeiters

GLC Paints switched to Metallic IML Foil, which makes counterfeiting virtually impossible because both the IML technique and the metallic decoration are extremely difficult to copy. Moreover, GLC Paints integrated a subtle GLC logo in the in mold label, which guarantees the authenticity of their products. In this way GLC Paints anchored its position as market leader in Egypt and strengthened the company’s image of quality and innovation.

How does Metallic IML work?

You get the best of both worlds with Metallic IML Foil: all the benefits of plastic packaging and the luxurious, metallic look your customers love. With Metallic IML Foil we apply a layer of aluminium foil to the base film. The natural silver color optimally comes to the fore. We can also print other colours on the cold foil. The result achieved outclasses the metallised effect of traditional metallic inks. No wonder that Metallic IML Foil has gained worldwide popularity.


Metallic IML for a luxurious look

The trend is metallic! Also in IML. Metallic IML foil gives packaging a luxurious, metallic look. It is therefore popular for paint, cosmetics, storage boxes and luxury foods like ice cream. The additional branding opportunities are endless. Furthermore, switching from metal packaging to plastic with Metallic IML saves a lot on costs.

Innovation, quality and service

Innovation comes naturally to GLC Paints, just as with MCC Verstraete. The company continuously invests in research and development so that their products meet the highest international standards. In addition to quality and innovation GLC Paints also wants to provide quick service in order to offer speedy results to its customers. MCC Verstraete combines these three qualities and GLC Paints found the reliable partner it was looking for.