Morning Bondi Saltwater Gin

The story behind the product and label is that we did a collaboration with a local Bondi photographer Amaury Treguer who runs an Instagram page called @MorningBondi. Amaury goes down to the beach every morning at sunrise to take shots of the coast and attractions of Bondi. So we decided to produce a Gin that was synonymous with Amaury’s passion for the ocean – hence the Saltwater Gin was created.

Image of Morning Bondi Saltwater Gin



The gin is quite sensory in that it reminds you of the ocean – subtle aromas of seaweed on the nose, and some rocksalt and orange peel on the palate are what really comes through, with the salt giving you a slight drying of the lips, much like when you walk out of the surf after a swim. Available online at

Label Information

  • Producer – Bondi Liquor

  • Designer – Studio Landmark

  • Varietal(s) – Saltwater Gin

  • Region – NSW

  • Printing – Digital

  • Paper – Cotone Bianco

  • Embellishments – Foil, Sculptured Emboss