New bottle decoration for Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey

Resin was the solution for a 3-D look

Image of New bottle decoration for Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey



Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey deserves a premium label look. Supremia, a leading premiums and promotional packaging specialist, had a vision to develop a dimensional label. We recreated the iconic wax seal badge that denotes the bourbon’s authenticity. The goal was to create a 3-D effect beyond the capability of a conventional label, which could stand up to the rigor faced during transit.

Triple check

We needed to check three boxes of criteria to create the Jim Beam Resin label:

  • Color standards: the label needed to meet rigid brand color standards, which wasn’t a problem. The Resin label can be produced in all colors possible. We just need a color reference or sample from the customer.
  • Automatic application: the label needed to be applicable on automatic bottling lines. We produced the Jim Beam labels on a reel to anticipate automatic application.
  • Environment: last but not least, the label needed to pass several environmental adhesion challenges, which it did successfully.

Rapid prototyping for trial

Our plant in Italy digitally printed trial labels to qualify their use on Bourbon bottles. We produce a prototype the exact same way as the final label: same material, color, shape and thickness. After approval, the labels were printed and applied to the bottles. It was a successful replica of the original badge.

MCC’s unique raised resin technology proved to be an outstanding replacement for older technology currently used on the bottling lines. The look and feel and the resin rosette label on the bottle was a great choice, causing no disruption to the bottle application process.

Chris Calomino, Account Director, Supremia