Organic and family-owned winery maximizes sustainable choices

Since their beginning in 1980 as the first certified organic and Biodynamic winery in the U.S., Frey Vineyards have been innovators in sustainability. Their award-winning, non-sulfited wines have always been a direct reflection of their ecological goals and stewardship ideals.

Image of Organic and family-owned winery maximizes sustainable choices



Over the years they’ve taken strides to seek out environmentally friendly packaging options and like-minded vendors to work with. With supply chain challenges impacting availability, and a desire to minimize their footprint even further, Frey reached out to MCC to inquire about sourcing a recycled label paper that would truly represent the ecological principles of the wine inside the bottle.

Their Pacific Redwood line of USDA-certified organic wines is available only in stores, and they wanted the most environmentally friendly option available. Moving the line of wines to this stock not only reduced cost material and lead time challenges, but also achieved the increased sustainability goals Frey was after.

By making ecologically conscious choices at every level of our business, we hope to inform and engage our customers, our suppliers, and our community in a deeper conversation about how we can work together in an increasingly sustainable way. MCC has been an integral part in helping us achieve our objectives, and they’ve been a pleasure to work with.

Nicole Paisley Martensen, Designer, Frey Vineyards