Packaging Upgrade for Casillero del Diablo Reserva

When we talk about Casillero del Diablo, we automatically think of a Chilean brand that is very strong globally, since it is present in about 140 countries and has positioned itself as one of the top brands worldwide.

Image of Packaging Upgrade for Casillero del Diablo Reserva



Casillero del Diablo has successfully differentiated itself and stood out from other brands through its packaging and communication, that have generated impact and remembrance. It is now completing a packaging refresh for its Reserva line, which includes an update of its classic label. The goal is to upgrade the quality, finishes, and characteristics, modernizing it, but without losing the essence of the brand for its loyal consumers.

MCC Chile was fortunate to produce these labels, due to the longstanding and successful collaboration with both Viña Concha y Toro and Casillero del Diablo.

Real change always represents challenges

The biggest challenge was the transition in the label solution. Casillero del Diablo was accustomed to using Estate 24 material for cut & stack labels for many years. The switch to pressure-sensitive labels was a challenge and an important step at the operational level. This change is very beneficial for t, as it allows them to have better paper finishes on the label, improving resources, and being able to apply high-relief screen printing, something they could not do before.

To speed up the different processes and approvals, MCC made sure to send samples on time, and to suggest different printing options, to give confidence and peace of mind at all times to the entire Casillero del Diablo team.

W&S_Success Story_Casillero del Diablo

An expected result

The new label achieved everything Casillero del Diablo was looking for, a label that looks cleaner and more modern, with better embellishments and optimal finishes, and that is perceived very well.

MCC faithfully met our expectations. Today, we have a product that embodies everything we envisioned in terms of quality. In addition to this, there was an impeccable way of working between MCC and our team, highlighting the proactivity, very accurate suggestions from them, and teamwork that was really nice to see.”

Naia Jugo, Senior Brand Designer at Casillero del Diablo & Sebastian Aguirre, Marketing Manager at Casillero del Diablo

W&S_Success Story_Casillero del Diablo