Painting Contemporary Mexico

EL PINTOR Blanco Tequila was born with the intention of exhibiting contemporary Mexico, adapting it to a more accessible and youthful market. The distinctive feature of this product is its grinding made with Tahona Stone, and its fermentation made with fibers; an artisan production process that gives it a high profile of cooked agave.

Image of Painting Contemporary Mexico



The design of the label refers to its name ‘EL PINTOR’, meaning ‘the painter’. It captures the deconstructed map of Mexico in a painting, showing the colors as if they were brushstrokes. The idea for the brushstrokes was to apply a multi-level emboss, which was quite challenging. MCC Guadalajara was chosen to meet this challenge due to its experience producing ultra-premium products. Guillermo Barroso, CEO of Batra Spirits, knew the importance of this reputation and thus chose MCC.

The goal for the label was twofold – both beautiful to look at, and at the same time, elegant and premium with materials the consumer would want to touch. The choice of paper was crucial to the performance of every detail on this label. It represented a challenge, because in some papers the effect of the brush strokes were seen, and in others, not. Also, when having the bottle in the refrigerator, the paper would wrinkle due to the moisture. With these challenges in mind, the final choice was a cotton-based substrate that absorbed enough moisture to avoid wrinkling, and on which the brushstrokes were visible. It was finished by adding matte varnish and a tactile spot varnish on the map of Mexico.

At the end of the day, a good product is easier to sell. The creators had a vision, ‘if from the computer to real life it does not look the same, then selling it will cost a price’. The product was launched in May 2021 and has seen successful results.

MCC’s greatest support was working with us to find solutions to the different problems that arose.”

Guillermo Barroso, CEO at Batra Spirits