Rapid Prototying results in surprising label

Château d’Arche is located in the heart of Sauternes, the first of the five regions where this exceptional wine can be produced. Its singular location, combined with the diversity of its soils, allows Château d’Arche to produce wines of great richness and specific taste quality.

Image of Rapid Prototying results in surprising label



MCC Libourne was consulted for its technical expertise and its ability to enhance the design thought out by the Curious D agency. Didier Galhaud, deputy general manager of Château d’Arche, with whom MCC have collaborated on many other projects, once again trusted the team to bring our knowledge of printing trends and differentiated rendering.

When the creation of this brand new range of Bordeaux wines (red, white and rosé) was nearing completion, it was time to test the embellishments on the label to make sure they would add value. MCC Libourne proposed their unique prototyping service, which uses the same raw materials that are used in the industrial production, as well as the know-how and expertise to manage the technology to closely match the final production results.

Curious D’s designers provided MCC’s proofing department with the vector file for the label. Upon receipt, the technician worked closely with the customer on the technical analysis and development of the proof to determine which raw materials and finishes they wanted to incorporate into their proof. During the process, MCC’s technical team tried to surprise the customer by adding a few embellishments to the design. Once the prototypes were ready, they were sent to the customer for review and feedback on paper, color, gilding and embellishment choices.

In the end, the client chose the “surprising” embellishments proposed by the MCC team. These include the LUCE substrate and its heat transfer, which makes the paper transparent under heat and pressure, and the double gilding on the red model.  The transparency is further enhanced by an internal cutout. The result is an elegant label, just like the wines of the château.

Château d’Arche, a Grand Cru classified in 1855 in Sauternes, suprises by leaving the monoproduction of sweet wines, wines consumed during festive and rare moments, without ever abandoning or denying its roots and its high standards, to produce a wine range for consumption and pleasure. In one year a rosé, a white and a red was created. Following this, we decided to collaborate with MCC for the label creation. They provided us with advice and we could count on a their service. MCC was responsive and able to make proposals, together with our design agency. Thanks to them for their great professionalism.”  – Didier Galhaud, Deputy General Manager of Château d’Arche