Recording: Monolayer Labels: Do More with Less!

In the beverage industry, environmentally friendly packaging and cost savings opportunities are at the forefront of everyday conversations.

Image of Recording: Monolayer Labels: Do More with Less!



Watch our webinar to find out how utilizing MCC’s Monolayer Roll Fed Labels increase your brand’s:

  • Sustainability
  • Cost savings
  • Operational efficiencies

You no longer need to hesitate to make a change to your labels. In this webinar we walk through how MCC’s technical team guides our customer though the process with ease and ensures flawless label application.

With a blend of technical, commercial and sustainability expertise, this webinar will be led by the following guests:

  • Noel Stewart, Innovation Manager at MCC
  • Caroline Burgess, Global Key Account Manager at MCC
  • Stijn Billiet, Global Director of Sustainability at MCC
  • Tom Huber, Application Engineer at MCC