Reinforcing Indian roots with Rapid Prototyping

Jin Jiji is a Dry Gin by Peak Spirits, designed and manufactured in India. In order to highlight the authenticity of Indian botanicals and reinforce Indian roots and culture on the foreign market, it was necessary to design a label that would convey these elements. This was achieved by illustrating each of the tasty and traditional botanical ingredients used to create it with a distinct Indian style, as well as with a Devanagari/Latin script on the logo.

Image of Reinforcing Indian roots with Rapid Prototyping



The design of the label was just the beginning. It became clear that the company needed to envision how the label would look in live color, with all the materials and finishes the concept required. To do this, Peak Spirits approached MCC Australia to use their rapid prototyping service. This allowed the company to visualize the finished label with all the ideas they had in mind before proceeding to industrial production.

To develop the prototype, Peak Spirits and MCC worked closely together to establish the correct embellishments and finishes. Subsequently, paper stock samples and foil swatches were sent to the client in India for confirmation. During the process, MCC’s Technical Team sought to surprise the client by adding some embellishments to further enhance the design. Once the prototype labels were completed, they were also supplied to the client for review and feedback regarding the chosen stock, foil colors and embellishments.

We used the rapid prototyping process to add value and hence provide the client with a superior outcome to the original artwork.

Peter White, International Sales Director, MCC Australia

In addition to choosing the foil and stock proposed, the client also ended up choosing the ‘surprise’ embellishments the MCC Team had suggested. The result was a beautiful label that truly represents India and embodies the Jin Jiji Brand.

We are pleased with the quality of labels we have been able to jointly achieve for Jin Jiji and look forward to working with you on many more of our upcoming projects.

Ansh Khanna, Founder, Peak Spirits