Resin as an Embellishment

MCC recently completed a premiumization project for 1850 coffee, a new product launch in the US for J.M. Smucker Company and its Folgers brand. As a point of differentiation to catch the consumer’s eye, MCC produced a resin label for the 1850 coffee packaging. Applying a pressure sensitive label onto flexible packaging was a first in the US.

Image of Resin as an Embellishment



Adding embellishments to premiumize packaging is a strong trend, which is set to continue, so our capability to provide high-speed, roll-fed application instead of the traditional sheet-fed or manual application, is crucial. This gives a distinct advantage to the converter. Not only is the doming approach for wax resin labels attractive, it provides tactile, sensory interaction for the consumer. It’s something we have been working on recently at MCC, adding even more tactility in various ways. Wax resin labels take it to the next level.

Craig Bushman, Multi-Color’s Vice President of Global R&D