Resin Provides the Finishing Touch to Sweden’s Finest Licorice

In a small factory outside of Stockholm, Haupt Laktris produce premium craft licorice. Taking on the challenge of pushing the limits of licorice, the company create unique flavor combinations such as chocolate covered and the saltiest licorice in the world. In addition, other varieties include sweet and sour cherries and a gluten free version.

Image of Resin Provides the Finishing Touch to Sweden’s Finest Licorice



Leading change

The team at Haupt Laktris believe that licorice as candy is going to change and they want to lead that change. This philosophy applies to not only the product, but also its packaging. The brand was looking for something innovative to add value to its pack, which they considered quite plain. The goal was to achieve a package that is as new and innovative as the product inside.

The team at MCC proposed a pressure sensitive resin label. Resin labels add an undeniable look of luxury to any packaging. The heightened embossed elements make the label look and feel like a pressed wax seal. Printed using silkscreen technology, the matt black color wax-seal has resin on the border and for the logo element. 

Something special

The team at Haupt Laktris liked the label so much that they rolled it out to different versions and campaigns. You can discover a fun and festive version for Christmas and Valentine’s day and a resin label bursting with color for Gay Pride.