Restyling Trendy Labels

Bodega Doña Paula, one of the most important wineries in Argentina, presents a complete restyling of its Estate line. Many years have passed since its last update and the brand realized that it needed to modernize its image to keep up with the trends in its segment.

Image of Restyling Trendy Labels



Doña Paula trusted MCC Argentina for its trajectory, to carry out such an important project, which involved the redesign of the label with 8 SKUs to be implemented in 34 markets. A strategic and global brand needs an ally that guarantees a product at the height of the brand, says Federico Ontanilla, Global Brand Manager of Viña Doña Paula.

The Estate line evolves with a visual aesthetic that highlights the values that combine the excellence of the product and the potential of the terroir where these wines are born. The label redesign involved a change in the color palette and the color of the capsule, which now has a more copper tone to distinguish itself on the shelves and reinforce the connection with its customers and capture new ones.

The aim of this restyling was to achieve premium, delicate, and subtle finishes that could be maintained in production for the long run. The label has an image composed of different cross-hatch lines, with gradients that as low as 0%, which makes it a challenge for flexographic printing. In addition, it has stamping and embossing, that enhance and highlight the work done on the wefts of the mountains. It was produced with a specific machine station for each color, giving different pressures and loads for each one until achieving the look desired by the client.

As these are long-run labels, to ensure the fidelity of the printing in each production, a constant survey of the tooling (mainly polymers) was carried out to ensure that they were in perfect condition to achieve the subtle gradients, since this type of weft tends to lose quality over the course of its use.

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After the implementation of the new design for the Estate line, the brand was repositioned and given a new, fresh look in the current 34 markets, helping to boost sales and improve consumer perception.

MCC’s greatest support was the stability and recommendations to carry out this development, the accompaniment, and the alternative proposals to achieve success and the best result. It exceeded our expectations in the agility and speed in the production.

Federico Ontanilla, Global Brand Manager, Viña Doña Paula