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Secure your digital printed label with brand protection

Brands are out to tackle the global threat of counterfeiting attacks.

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Due to customer demand, MCC’s goal is to maximize your firewall with brand security features on your label. HP Indigo solutions are divided into different security levels and types of authenticators. The more levels and/or authenticators you combine, the better your brand will be protected.


Variable data

This feature is not only a nice innovation to use in games and promotions; it is also a great way to secure your label. A combination of unique codes gives added protection, and if these codes are registered in a database, it allows tracking down to the item level.

Graphic elements

To fight counterfeiting and diversion, MCC can print micro QR codes, serialized microtext, or variable guilloche. These graphics are impossible to replicate.


Invisible elements

If your label’s aesthetics cannot be ‘disturbed’ by visual elements, you could consider using invisible ink. The micro QR codes and serialized microtext can be digitally printed, remaining invisible to the naked eye.