Smart Top for a Smart Brand

Smart Top can lid labels provided Budweiser with a premium advertising opportunity.

Image of Smart Top for a Smart Brand



China is the world’s largest beer market in terms of sales, but local beer suppliers dominate and represent fierce competition. The world’s largest brewer Anheuser-Busch InBev is growing in China and other parts of Asia but still seeks standout from local beer that have long dominated their home markets.

Added value

Premium beers are popular in China and the company was looking for ways to differentiate their product as well as create additional advertising space on their Budweiser brand in cans. The objective was to create an eye-catching product look at the Point of Sales as well as deliver added value for the consumer.


Maximized branding

MCC recommended the Smart Top label, made of fully recyclable embossed aluminum foil. The label offers the benefit of additional branding space on the lid of the can. There is also the option to print on the underside of the label in order to run promotions, competitions etc.  

The addition of Smart Top makes a huge difference at the shelf, ensuring cans stand out from their competitors. Budweiser is very happy with the Smart Top Can Lids. They received great market feedback and continue to use Smart Top on their Bud Draft brand.

Lars Schuetzenmeister, Sales Director, MCC Rawang, Malaysia