Toro Albalá Miut Wine Range

The story of the Miut range of wines began when Bodegas Toro Albalá set out to market white plot wines made with Pedro Ximénez grapes from the Montilla Moriles D.O.

Image of Toro Albalá Miut Wine Range



Series Nemo joined the team and was tasked this new project, and to carry out the integral change of all its products. A proposal was presented with an irregular break in two longitudinal sections. The idea was to make each label unique and make it look as if it had been torn and stuck on the bottle.

Series Nemo contacted MCC Spain, whose expertise in this technique was already well known, to explain the project to them and find out possible technical limitations. Their goal was to produce a label where no two labels would be the same, and the tearing would result in achieving just that. This was a challenge for MCC Spain, as they had only performed this single tear once before.

MCC Spain needed technical advice and so they contacted MCC Italy, who gave them the guidelines to develop it. Several tests were carried out, until they found the key to producing this intricate label.

In the end, the client was very satisfied with the design, which resulted in a range of wines all different in their essence and presentation, with a defined personality and very limited production.