Unique Situation Leads to Successful Product Implementation

Adding the necessary regulatory information is easy with MCC

Image of Unique Situation Leads to Successful Product Implementation




In the automotive industry, print type is having to be reduced as a result of the growing amount of regulatory and safety information required to be printed on the label. This is especially a challenge on smaller containers (e.g. 1QT) which have a limited amount of space for the label.


MCC has well established client relationships in the lubricants market. Certain products require additional regulatory and safety information (e.g. GHS) be printed at certain minimum font sizes. The traditional solution would be to implement a Pressure Sensitive Extended Content Label (ECL) which is also called a Multi-Ply Pressure Sensitive Label. Many client production operations are set up to run only certain types of decoration technology.

In this case, the client was set up to use only Paper Cut & Stack Labels and was not able to apply Pressure Sensitive Labels without placing additional application equipment or changing the supply chain to redirect the bottles to a contract decorating site at another facility.

MCC designed and qualified a 2 ply Paper Cut & Stack Label which ran on existing cold glue application equipment. The client was able to add all required regulatory and safety information to the 2 ply C&S Label. Additionally the new label applied with no issue on existing application equipment.