Colorful History Makes for Stunning Whiskey Lineup

Jacob’s Pardon whiskey pays homage to the story of two brothers from Brooklyn. Determined to keep their family business booming during Prohibition, the brothers resorted to bootlegging their whiskey, until the long arm of the law caught up to them in 1929. Six long years later, Franklin D. Roosevelt pardoned the Taub brothers, which set into motion a family tradition that would span generations. Jacob’s Pardon is a fine American whiskey that pays homage to their rebellious roots.

Image of Colorful History Makes for Stunning Whiskey Lineup



Based in Louisville, Kentucky, the team at Jacob’s Pardon had worked with MCC in the past. The vision for Jacob’s Pardon incorporated many elements, including different labels versions for their many different barrel selections. Each label also leaves a place for handwritten elements to be included later, giving the alcohol, proof, and barrel number, and capturing the handcrafted feel of the brand.

To highlight the premium, small-batch nature of the brand even more, the team at MCC San Luis Obispo collaborated with MCC Lucca, to execute colored resin seals. These seals are the ultimate touch of luxury, providing a classy, tactile touch to the package. A neck label, emboss, and foil complete the look for a truly eye-catching bottle. 

Our collaboration with the MCC team, from concept to fruition, was thought-provoking and smoothly executed. The incredible story of our whiskey was brought to life in the package through subtle yet striking nuances that truly speak to the rich history and timeless character of Jacob’s Pardon.

– Dave Singh, Marketing Director, Palm Bay International