Nightcap with Gigi’s Glamour and Charm

Take your first sip of Gigi L’amaretto and the warmth and velvety mouthfeel will transport you into a soothing French love song. Gigi L’amaretto is a product of Quebec, Canada and is known for its unique elegance in closing out the night as a digestif or on the rocks.

Image of Nightcap with Gigi’s Glamour and Charm



Their vision of a feminine and romantic label was clear. MCC and designers at Ezi Brand Design collaborated to produce a quality label for this well loved brand and was captured by Tango Photographie. At first sight, the eye-catching name “Gigi” is prominently printed with screen high-build and the faint, gold foil embossing surrounding it brings sparkle and shine. Underneath the detail, Killer WhiteTM, a durable and strong stock, will not only help maintain the beautiful quality but also the crisp white color when exposed to cold or wet environments. This label brings a whimsical and classy feel to the brand that fine liquor connoisseurs will enjoy.

MCC was able to adjust the ink densities in middle of the printing process in order to perfect the colors and design. The Gigi L’Amaretto label now stands out as a high-end product, both in terms of its finish and design.

Olivier Lord, Digital designer, Technical Director, & Print Production Manager, Ezi Brand Design